Liturgical Assignments

Assignments for Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers, and Altar Servers



Date Lectors Extraodinary Ministers Altar Servers Ushers

February 14

Ash Wednesday




6:30 PM


David Bir


Millie Jasutis







Sharon and John Faes


Bob Gogal

David Mitchell

February 18


5 PM


9 AM




M. Torino

S. Ogle


A. Hibbard & P. Stratton

M. Bailey & L. Monahan



A. Corrias & B. Turiano


T. Smith

J. & S. Faes

February 25

5 PM


9 AM


M. Jasutis

S. Gallagher



B. & B. Summer

S. Bryant & S. Ogle


 JP Turiano & G. Corrias

 T. Smith

B. & J. Schafer