Marian Cenacle

During a pilgrimage to Fatima in 1972, Fr. Don Stefano Gobbi began to receive a series of messages in the form of "interior locations." Through these messages to Fr. Gobbi, Our Lady urges priests, religious, and faithful everywhere to gather in groups (Cenacles) to pray with Mary her "prayer par excellence," the rosary.

Our Lady is calling all her children throughout the world to gather in Cenacles of Prayer, so that all people will be converted to her son, Jesus. That has always been the work of Our Holy Mother -- to bring all humanity to Jesus and to the loving embrace of God, the Father. To those who pray in her Cenacle, Mar has promised to:

  1. Maintain family unity
  2. Take children under her protection
  3. Provide for the spiritual and material well-being of the family
  4. And, that the Cenacle will be a sure protection from the fire of chastisement.

St. James currently offers two opportunities for members to participate in the Marian Cenacle:

Every Monday following the 12 noon Mass
Every Tuesday afternoon at 3:45 pm

Both groups meet in the Social Hall. All members of Saint James are welcome and invited to participate. Our Lady also strongly encourages family Cenacles in the home. To find out how to start a family Cenacle in your home or if you have any questions regarding the Cenacle, call Kathy Duffy at 706-342-3020.